Randal Ma na Teda (Lota) Sunday 19 May 2019

Leicester’s Shree Hindu Temple has once again organised Shree Randal Matajina 109 Lota, Jagran & Garba on Sunday 19 May 2019. We cordially invite you all to come and celebrate this joyful event with us.

|| Ceremony Details ||

Shree Randal Matajina Lota: Sunday 19 May 2019

Registration of Yajmans : 9:30am

Shree Randal Matajina Pooja :  10:30am to 11.15am

Shree Randal Matajini Gorni Pooja : 11:30am to 12:30pm

Shree Randal Matajini Maha-prasadi : 1pm (Gorni will take prasadi first)

Shree Randal Matajina Bhuima Ghodo Khundse & Arti : 4pm to 4:30pm

Shree Randal Matajina Garba & Jagran : 7:30pm to late

Shree Randal Matajinu Utthapan : Monday 20 May 2019 at 10:30am

Please contact the Mandir office on 0116 246 4590 to be Yajman for this auspicious ceremony and for further information.

Shree Hindu Temple & Community Centre, 34 St. Barnabas Road, Leicester LE5 4BD Tel: 0116 246 4590 | Email: info@shreehindutemple.net | www.shreehindutemple.net
Registered Charity No: 70175