Committee Members

Board of Members for the Shree Hindu Temple and Community Centre (2019-2022)
Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the management committee and the trustees decided to carry on with the same structure that was elected at the AGM in December 2019 election for another year.

Dr. Jivabhai Odedra (Chair)
Mr Shantilalbhai Thanki
Mr Mohanbhai Patel

Management Committee
President : Mr Shitalbhai Adatia
Vice President : Mr Vajshibhai Sisodia
Secretary : Mr Siddharthbhai Godhania
Asst Secretary : Mr Pradipkumar Haribhai
Treasurer : Mr Paresh Kotecha
Asst Treasurer : Mr Ramnikbhai Thakrar

Committee Members
Mr Bhupendrabhai Patel
Mr Bharatbhai Karavadra
Mr Harishbhai Bhagvanji
Mr Iswarlalbhai Lacximan
Mr Kalpeshbhai Modi
Mr Karthikbhai Jitendra
Mr Rameshbhai Joshi
Mr Rameshbhai Rajshakha
Mr Subashbhai Mehta
Mr Yogeshbhai Dagi

Office Staff
Mr Dhirenbhai Kanabar

Past Committee member’s list can be found here.