Maha Bharat Katha

krishna_arjuna_Mahabharata-KurukshetraShree Maha Bharat Katha & Shree Purshotam Katha by Swami Dharmanandji (from Orisa, India).

Date: Monday 29/06/2015   to  Thursday 02/07/2015
Times: 4pm to 6pm daily
Venue: Shree Hindu Temple & Community Centre, Leicester

All are invited to this special event.

Hindu Mandir Coach Trip To Midlands Temples

Hindu Mandir Coach Trip To Midlands Temples on Saturday 4th July 2015 Coventry Mandir (Temple) Wallsall Mandir (Temple) West Bromwich Mandir (Temple) SHREE VENKATESWAR (BALAJI) TEMPLE – DUDLEY SHREE RAM MANDIR – Birmingham If possible (time available, then shopping stop on Soho Road, Birmingham) Departure from Hindu Mandir at 9 a.m. PROMPT and return approx 7pm Ticket: £15 per person,…

Purshotam Mas – Shree Satyanarayan Samuh Katha

Shree Hindu Temple &  Community Centre has organised a special Shree Satyanarayan Samuh Katha during the auspicious month of Purshotam Mas on Sunday 5th July 2015 Time: 3pm to 6pm £15 donation will be required to take part in the pooja ceremony. Venue:  Shree Hindu Temple & Community Centre 34 St. Barnabas Road Leicester LE5 4BD Tel: 0116 246…